Hi Everyone,

Welcome all to my very first blog at New Directions.

As one of our volunteers at Head office, once a month I will bring you loads of interesting things about my role within our communication’s team.

So, I started in January 2021, and it was a big step up for me from being a service user for 9 years, also I had a lot of experience and knowledge in many areas of ND particularly in art and design, IT and photography.

You are all seeing some of my work, being shown on our website, in our newsletter, on our social media pages. All part of my role at head office, where I work along Julie and Kate. I also work with all staff.

Some of the pictures you will see will be photographed by me, in the next newsletters, on social media, and on our website.

And finally, I hope this, will be many more blogs to come and I see you next month.

Cheerio for now.