On Friday the 13th of May our Woodlands Service had a Tea & Talk session to raise money for The Mental Health Foundation and discuss this years topic of loneliness. ?

Everyone sat down with a cuppa and discussed what mental health meant to them. It was just a lovely welcoming atmosphere and gave voice to those who struggle with mental health. Showcasing the amazing work being done at the Service to improve the people they support lives. Kevin one of the residents commented saying. “It’s about the struggle and pushing through, the staff here help me feel less lonely and help me achieve my goals.” ?

Thank you to all the residents past and present who came to the tea&talk session and actively took part in the conversations about what mental health means to you. All of your wonderful words are inspirational for those struggling with mental health and wanting a recovery for a more positive future.

If you feel that you are struggling with mental health and would like to chat with our Woodlands service for advice and to know more please click the link below.