New Directions New Centre Stage performers attended the Arden Fest-Organised by Arden College last Thursday, which took place in Botanic Gardens Southport.
The festival was a fantastic opportunity for many services across Sefton and further to meet up, share and support the wonderful talents of the people who attend. ?❤
New Centre Stage performed two creative dance pieces and two Musical Theatre pieces which were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.
When not performing the group enjoyed catching up with friends that they had not seen in a long time, visiting the stalls and enjoying an ice cream or two in the sunshine. It was a lovely day enjoyed by all.
Cliff and the staff from Arden college made us feel very welcome and we look forward to attending again next year.
It’s so wonderful to see the people we support making the most out of the services that New Directions offers and enjoying the sunshine whilst doing so.
Over the past week, New Centre Stage has been very busy with its performances for a variety of audiences and had relished every moment of doing so.