Hi Everyone,

Welcome, all to my sixth blog, here at New Directions.

Now that we are in the summer months, we are in the process of renaming our next newsletter to hopefully come out in August. And we are in the process of conducting a poll to see what name we will have in our next newsletter we also wish to thank our staff and people who attend our services that came up with a new name, and later this year we are going to add some new and exciting content to our newsletters in the future, so watch this space.

Most of our services during the summer are doing activities such as gardening, days out, and nice walks locally, recently our south hub service brought back football sessions this month which was enjoyed by our service users. They were playing for the Ian Houghton Cup.

Our drama group, New Centre Stage hosted a showcase show called “Musical Melodies” last month and it was such a success we are in the process of creating a DVD and the plan is to launch our own YouTube channel which the company is working on, and we will upload our videos into the platform.

Our website is looking good, and we are constantly updating it with content, we now have our New Leaf service open two days a week. Also, I have created a slideshow about our Queens Jubilee celebrations which were held in May/June 2022 this will be on our website hopefully next week.

So, cheerio for now, see you next month.