On October 26th, New Centre Stage put on an extraordinary showcase of ‘This is Halloween.’ In a spine-tingling performance filled with fun and frights, the group proved that the stage knows no boundaries when it comes to creativity.
New Centre Stage, located in the heart of Netherton’s Marion Square, is dedicated to providing a creative platform for individuals with complex needs. It boasts a fully equipped studio theatre which serves as the perfect backdrop for their exceptional performances.
The centre’s mission is clear: to empower its members through the performing arts. New Centre Stage offers a wide range of activities, including drama, musical theatre, therapeutic drama, issue-based drama, creative dance, partnership work, community projects, communication skills, and the nurturing of confidence and self-esteem. Their unique approach promotes the holistic development of their performers, both artistically and personally.
The Autumn showcase, ‘This is Halloween,’ was an eagerly anticipated event that showcased the group’s creativity, dedication, and immense talent. The performance took the audience on a captivating journey through the spookiest season of the year. They did so by bringing classic Halloween tunes to life in a way that was both exhilarating and haunting.
Everyone at New Directions couldn’t be prouder of the hard work everyone involved put in to make this magical night come to life.