New Centre Stage Takes Coventry Arena by Storm!

Welcome back to my blog! As you may recall, our amazing drama group, New Centre Stage, participated in the Care Sector’s Got Talent finals in April. This blog post follows their incredible journey!

The Big Day Arrives

On April 16th, the group arrived at the Coventry Arena well before the 2 pm start time. Naturally, there were some pre-show jitters. But thanks to Vicky, our New Centre Stage Activities Lead, everyone focused on enjoying the experience, win or lose.


The competition kicked off with Angela Boxall as the host, highlighting the event’s growing popularity. New Centre Stage was the 5th act to take the stage, performing a rendition of “Copacabana” titled “Just Arrived.” After their performance, they were interviewed by Adam Purnell and Mark Topps, the backstage “Ant & Dec,” for the live-streamed event.

A Performance to Remember

The judges’ comments were overwhelmingly positive, with one remarking, “I loved it!” and another calling it “an epic performance.” But the real surprise came when it was announced that New Centre Stage had won the People’s Choice Award! This audience-voted prize, awarded based on votes from the live audience and online viewers, was a testament to the group’s captivating performance.

Celebrating Success

We are incredibly proud of New Centre Stage for reaching the finals (out of over 50 applicants) and securing an award! Congratulations to the performers, Vicky, Denise, Pam, and the dedicated staff team who made it all possible.

Stay Tuned!

After a long but rewarding day, we headed home with a sense of accomplishment. This blog will soon feature a video recap of this remarkable event!

See you next month, Cheerio