New Directions was formed in January 2007 and is wholly owned by Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council.

The organisation is governed by a Board of Directors with strong backgrounds in social care, health, local authority, and business.

The role of the New Directions’ board is to contribute and drive the strategic direction of the organisation, ensuring the company remains financially sustainable, whilst meeting the needs of the people and families its supports, providing high-quality services.

Board Members

Councillor Liz Dowd

Non-Executive Director

Councillor John Joseph Kelly

Non- Executive Director

Dil Daly


Sandra Palmer

Non – Executive Director


Non – Executive Director

Glen Williams

Union Observer

John Graham

Non-Executive Director

Councillor Paul Cummins


Please see the profiles below for our Senior Leadership Team

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Our Senior Leadership Team

Mark Fox

Managing Director


Head of Operations

Adam Drury

Head of HR

David Lill

Finance Manager

Paul Sheron

Head of Learning & Development