Woodlands at a Glance

The team at Woodlands recognise that everyone’s journey is unique. We provide a recovery-based approach to support people with mental health problems to live meaningful and satisfying lives.

There is a strong emphasis on supporting individuals with a mental health disorder to achieve their own aspirations and goals.

This approach enables people to achieve their own life goals supporting them to manage their own condition, gain employment, make friends and maintain safe and secure housing of their choice.

How We Can Help You

Woodlands is a 24-hour supported living service for adults aged over 18 with mental health issues.

We recognise that mental illness can affect many areas of our tenants’ lives including their physical health, relationships, work and education.

With this in mind, the Woodlands team aims to provide individualised support to increase each tenant’s confidence and independence and empower them to make their own decisions and choices.

The team places great emphasis on individuals’ strengths and possibilities and not on their problems and difficulties. The team are proud of the environment and the service provided to tenants, all of which promotes positive emotional wellbeing. Tenants are encouraged to attend regular house meetings and to express their views on how they are doing, giving everyone a chance to be involved in the way the service is run

What We Offer

Woodlands has excellent facilities which include:

Communal dining and lounge areas

Communal kitchen

Gym, Large private garden area

Laundry facilities

Fully furnished self-contained bedrooms

Close to local amenities

Nearby train station with links to Liverpool and Southport

We provide:

Recovery based assessment and plans

Highly trained dedicated staff team available 24 hours per day

Varied activities programme and events

Partnerships with local community groups

Partnership working with community mental health services


Click on the arrows to slide through reviews and testimonials given by the people who use our service. 

"Woodlands staff have helped me to get on my feet and sorted me out. I could not have done any of this without them - the team are amazing!"

Keith S – Woodlands 

"Thank you to all the staff for the kindness and support you have given to me whilst I have been at Woodlands"

Sean W – Woodlands

This is the best supported accommodation in Sefton. It is collaborative, proactive , beautiful and thoughtful

C Curtis – Woodlands

Woodlands is a one in a million opportunity I was so glad I got given a second chance there. You don’t know what you have until you leave. The staff are amazing, I miss them all

Mr Hope – Woodlands

the staff go above and beyond; they have helped me through some really difficult times. I have been here for 2 years and have had some really bad times when I have been unwell and all the staff have been there for me

N Palmer – Woodlands

the staff have been really helpful throughout my stay. They have taught me how to cook and look after myself. I really appreciate the hard work they give and put in and their caring nature, I shall miss them all

D Birch – Woodlands

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If you would like to find out more about Woodlands, please contact Claire Sweeney (Service Manager) by emailing claire.sweeney@ndirections.org or calling 0151 922 5577 

New Directions, Head Office, 3rd Floor, Burlington House,
Crosby Road North,, Waterloo, L22 0PJ