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Brookdale is a unique, specialist day service for people who are living with varying stages of dementia. The service is provided in partnership with a number of health providers.

Located in Ainsdale, Brookdale has a bright, warm, uplifting environment, with a beautiful private garden attached, perfect for an afternoon of fresh air in warmer weather.

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Pat’s Story

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We have our mum back, and it is both unbelievable and incredible.

Pat was diagnosed with dementia a year or two ago, and from that point on, she went downhill very quickly. Before Brookdale, Pat struggled to find purpose – or even to get out of bed. If she spoke it was to say she wanted to die.

But as I say that was before Brookdale. After being recommended Brookdale by a number of people, from friends who had loved ones supported by the service to Pat’s health and care support network, we looked at what the day service had to offer – both for Pat and for our family.

From the staff to the bright, warm, uplifting environment and beautiful gardens – when the Ainsdale sun shines – everything at Brookdale is fixed solely on providing the best possible experience for the people using the day service.

We started coming to Brookdale twice a week, but now we come every day as the difference it has made is simply breathtaking. She is indeed now independent and has had such a dignified, caring experience that we have our mum back.

She is laughing and joking, and she has made so many new friends. She actually knows she who is now, and who her family is – which is both a great relief and heartbreaking that before Brookdale she was so lost.

She is recognising places and people she had no idea or recollection of before, and the family interaction we now enjoy (again!) has meant so much for all of us.

I don’t have to say that living with someone with acute dementia is hard, as pretty much all of us knows a loved one or friend who is in the same spot, but the transformation in Pat has brought a joy to everyone who knows her.

If your parents or loved one have dementia, please, please come and look at Brookdale. The staff here are nothing short of miracle workers.

The work they do, the care they give has been a real lifesaver for Pat and for us.

The difference you will notice in your loved ones will be unbelievable – and I am speaking from first hand experience.