Care Service Questionnaire

Care is part everything we do at New Directions. So with care sector recruitment becoming an increasingly difficult process, we felt it’s time to get to know you. Our Reablement Service Questionnaire has been designed to help us understand how we can best reach you. With a clearer understanding of the barriers between people and a career in care we hope to be able to help address them.

1) Have you ever worked in social care before?

3) Have you ever considered working in social care before?

5) Which weekend working hours would you choose?

6) Have you ever been a user of New Directions community services such as Reablement and Crisis Response?

7) Would you like further information about our team and the support we provide to the community of Sefton?

If so how would you like to receive this information?

5 + 6 =

Phone : 0151 705 0300