Love was definitely in the air at Waterloo Park Day Centre this February! They threw a joint Valentine’s Day and 80th birthday party for one of their amazing members, Tony Crosby.

A Birthday Wish:

Tony, a familiar face at the centre and part of New Directions’ Shared Lives, mentioned to his Shared Lives family that he was having a birthday bash with all his friends and family at Waterloo Park. While this came as a bit of a surprise to the Waterloo team, they seized the day and started planning a fantastic party.

Celebrating Big and Sharing the Love:

On February 14th, Waterloo Park was transformed into a party paradise. Tony marked his 80th birthday surrounded by loved ones, enjoying a yummy buffet lunch and some entertaining fun thanks to a performance by Nicky, a friend of the centre. He also had the company of some of his Shared Lives family, making the celebration all the better.

A Longstanding Connection:

Tony has been part of the New Directions for over 50 years, starting back in the 1960s at South Hub (known back then as a training centre). Seeing Tony celebrate this milestone brought immense joy to everyone at Waterloo.

More Reasons to Smile:

To add to the festivities, Waterloo Park hosted a fun raffle, spreading extra love and joy to all attendees. Congratulations to the lucky winners, Lesley Hand, Mel Evans, Bill Stock, and Lillie Wilmot! And a big shoutout to Lily Conroy for guessing the name of the centre’s adorable mascot, Popsicle!

A Big Thank You:

We want to send a huge thank you to everyone who joined Waterloo Park’s celebration and helped make it a day to remember.

About Waterloo Park Day Centre:

Waterloo Park Day Centre offers a welcoming and supportive environment for individuals aged 60 and above. Many of our attendees may have additional support needs or be navigating the early stages of dementia. We’re dedicated to providing a safe and engaging space where people can connect, enjoy activities, and celebrate life’s special moments together.