Woodlands recently hosted a successful “Gab n Grub” event focused on dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health. This initiative stemmed from a conversation with a resident, who expressed concerns about negative media portrayals of mental illness.

The resident who has a mental health diagnosis felt the recent news coverage of a violent crime committed by someone with a similar diagnosis perpetuated harmful stereotypes. Descriptions like “mad man” and “killer” caused him to reflect on his own condition and question his identity.

The “Gab n Grub” event provided a safe space for residents to openly discuss these issues. Over a delicious Scouse lunch prepared by Karen Wells RMHW, tenants shared personal experiences and the daily impact of mental health stigma.

Woodlands: Fostering Recovery and Community Integration

The Woodlands team acknowledges that mental health journeys are unique. They provide a recovery-focused environment that empowers residents with mental health challenges to live fulfilling lives. Their core principles include:

  • Individualised Support: Woodlands tailors support to each resident’s aspirations and goals.
  • Beyond the Walls: Their commitment extends beyond housing, assisting residents with community integration after leaving Woodlands.
  • Holistic Approach: The program equips residents with the skills to manage their conditions, seek employment, build relationships, and secure safe housing.

By tackling stigma and offering comprehensive support, Woodlands empowers residents to achieve their personal goals and live independently.