New Directions will be attending this year’s National Care Forum conference. At the event, we will be presenting and running a series of workshops for attendees. As an organisation we realised we couldn’t truly represent who we are without our community coming with us. So in preparation for our presentation, we worked with three people who are part of our Shared Lives community. These three individuals came down to our head office in Waterloo to have their say about Shared Lives and how greater access to technology helps them live richer, more fulfilling lives. The first of our three Shared Lives representatives is Thomas Halliwell (Pictured Above). Thomas is an avid Liverpool fan,  a lover of watching soaps, and a tea connoisseur. He kindly sat down with us to discuss how greater access to technology has helped him gain greater independence as well as kept him connected.


The second of our three Shared Lives representatives is Glenn Ashton (In The Blue). Glenn is a creative soul who loves to write on his iPad, work on gardening projects at our services, and being part of craft projects. He discussed with us how technology helps him process his thoughts and feelings. He also discussed with us how some of his earlier worries surrounding using technology have been elevated thanks to training he attended which helped him learn how to keep safe online.


The third representative of our wonderful Shared Lives community is James Andrew Ashton (In The Red). James is a vibrant figure with a mischievous personality. He is very active on social media and is sure to always make his voice heard on issues that matter to him.  He also loves to make ticktocks, play on his PlayStation and learn online. He is a very active member of our community who is regularly at the forefront of conversations about how we can improve our services. He kindly sat down with us to talk about what his technology means to him and how it helped him stay connected during Covid. He was also kind enough to give us a greater insight into training he attended that helped teach him how to stay safe online.

Glenn and James will be with our team at the Conference helping with our workshops and answering questions after our presentation. If you see them please do say hello. We look forward to seeing you at the conference!