Recently a wonderful event was held by our South Hub day opportunities centre. In memory of a much-missed member of the Hubs football team, a football tournament was held. The Ian Haughton Memorial Cup saw a collection of the Hubs football team members come together alongside members of the Skem Mens-Aces football team.

The players represented Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales respectively. After several hours of superb football and a lot of excitement, we narrowed things down to the final two teams.
In the final England played Scotland. After a hotly (No Weather Pun Intended) twenty-minute match, it was Scotland who secured the victory.
But in truth, everyone who participated is a real winner. South Hub is a place that always seeks to develop and enrich the lives of all who attend. Team-based activities like these don’t just give people a day of fun and fitness. These events teach teamwork, bond everyone involved and help to cultivate confidence that helps everyone grow into a more independent version of themselves. We are immensely proud of everyone who attended this terrific event.

We were particularly honoured to have Ian’s mother Val present at the event. First, we awarded her with a little thank you of her own. After which she was kind enough to hand out medals and trophies at our awards ceremony. We would like to express our gratitude to her for all her help on the day.

Our Goalie of the Tournament award went to Mark. Mark made goalkeeping look easy as he secured seven clean sheets on the day. Mark’s efforts made sure that his team would walk away with the tournament win. So from everyone and New Directions, we would like to wish Mark a special congratulations on his tremendous achievements.

Our Player of the Tournament went to a very special young man some of you might recognise. Thomas of course came to our aid earlier in the year to help us with our National Care Forum conference showcase. Thomas shared with us all the ways technology helps him in his daily life. Well now not only is he a star of film but of Football as well. After a fantastic day of play, Thomas was awarded with the trophy for all of his efforts. Thomas’s passion for each game was palpable. Everyone who meets Thomas can’t help but be affected by his infectious positivity. Thomas couldn’t wait to take the trophy home to show off to his Shared Lives family. Thomas told us that he intends to put the trophy on his mantlepiece so any visitors can see it.
Our runner-up team represented England. While not the final winners on the day they gave a valiant effort. As we’ve mentioned supplementing our South Hub players at the tournament were the Skem Men’s-Aces. Many of these young men made it all the way to the final game. We would like to offer our heartfelt appreciation to the Skem Men’s-Aces for joining in on the tournament. New Directions looks forward to hosting you all again at our next big tournament.
And finally, we present to you our Winners of the Ian Haughton Cup. Representing Scotland these superstars played superbly. With seven clean-sheet games and a dominant performance in the final, they truly stole the show. They came together to do something tremendous and we truly couldn’t be prouder.
We would again like to thank Val for allowing us to put on this special tournament in memory of her marvellous son. Everyone was truly honoured to have her come and award the winning teams with their trophies. We are hopeful that this can become an annual thing and hope Val can come back again to present.
At New Directions, we always seek to set the standard for care designed to put people at the forefront. We couldn’t be prouder of all the work that went into this day. Our South Hub service showed what wonderful opportunities are on offer to all those who attend.