As many of you know South Hub started off September in style. With the sun still shining in the sky the centre gathered together for a special Scarecrow harvest. The start of the September celebration featured a little competition.
As well as many regulars to the hub the harvest was also visited by everyone from Waterloo Park who came to enter a Scarecrow of their own.
After a lot of toil and a tremendous effort, several Scarecrows were entered. North Hub’s own Paula Scott was kind enough to take the time to judge the winner.
The contestants were:
  • A blonde feline as likely to scare away the men as the crows.
  • A truly despicable villain and his trusty yellow minion.
  • Two cute little flowerpot men.
  • A more traditional scarecrow with a little afro.
The Winner of South Hub’s special September Scarecrow Harvest competition was everyone’s new blonde feline friend. Put together with the collective efforts of everyone at Waterloo the day centre took home the prize after Paula picked their scarecrow to pip the others to the finish. Paula said her reason for her choice was that Waterloo’s submission shared a resemblance with herself.
We would like to thank everyone who attended, everyone who created a scarecrow, all of the South Hub staff for organising the event and of course our scarecrow judge and her winning twin.
The centre donated all our wonderful food gifts as well as a box of our homegrown produce to their friends at Whitley House. Whitley House is part of the Whitechapel organisation. Whitley House is a 52-bed hostel for vulnerable adults. They support individuals with a range of needs including addiction issues, mental health and physical health needs and those who are looking to escape domestic violence.
Whitley also has two disability ground floor rooms. At Whitley House, they have a great success rate of moving people into their own tenancies.
Everyone at New Directions is incredibly proud of the work South Hub has done in supporting such an important organisation. We look forward to seeing how South Hub continues in working with the staff at Whitley to help them with the great work they do.